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                                          “I recently spent 8 hours training one on one with Jeff Kilian. He is by far one of the top Technical Analysts in the world today and clearly showed me how a trader or investor must first become an Expert Market Timer in order to profitably trade stocks, ETF’s, mirror funds or futures in real time. Superior analytical and communicative skills combined with being a real-life professional trader, set him apart from all others. It was a real pleasure to work with him.”

Larry Jacobs – Trading Champion and Editor of Traders World Magazine


We specialize in S&P 500 E-Mini Futures trader training. However, our Methodology and Trading Strategies have proven trading application to any freely traded Market with sufficient liquidity such as, (YM) Dow E-Mini Futures, (NQ) Nasdaq E-Mini Futures and (CL) NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil.


We work with beginner to intermediate level traders to bring them to the advanced level in a fraction of the time. Our Advanced Training client base are dedicated experienced retail traders and institutional traders at top level trading firms. We have successfully developed and continue to work with trading professionals by way of continuing education, or by retainer within the institutions they are proprietary traders for. Who better to trust than those who teach the professional traders?




Our trader training programs follow a structured learnable and repeatable process that guarantees your able to immediately use what your taught. You will learn how to select the true “VTC Model Type” Trades, and how to stay away from bad trades. Mentoring programs designed for late beginners and intermediate traders require some working knowledge of trading and are perfect for those who want to supplement their career with trading. Many of our existing clientele are professionals in the workplace who use trading income as a way to semi-retire, or build a nest egg to exit their job and become a full time Professional Trader.



Mentoring Programs for the experienced Retail or Institutional Trader deliver over Actionable Trading Intelligence at the highest level. Our focus is your increased profitability while maintaining acceptable risk levels. Our Advanced Technical Analysis training clearly identifies your optimal trade selections, provides you with superior trade management in real time, with built in full redundancy for the Professional trading results you need. These Executive Mentorship Programs are specifically tailored to your profile, very comprehensive in nature and are clearly for the highly dedicated trader.



If you are reading our site, you have likely visited our competition as well. Have you noticed that they all tend to sound the same with lines like “I was like you” and “I paid for all those trading courses that didn’t work” and “I’ll teach you all my secrets”. You won’t hear us say those things because we aren’t like them. We are trading professionals with over 25 years of experience who trade our money first, and then teach other traders in the industry how to better their game. Wouldn’t you prefer to be taught by those who have had success in the industry over someone who simply taught themselves how to trade and think they can train others?


It’s not only who we are that makes us different, it’s our entire approach that provides the real win for our clients. We don’t just leave you with a few webinars and documents and let you fend for yourself. Beginners and intermediate level traders will begin with our trading course that is unlike anything else out there in the market place today. It is the culmination of over 25 years of real time trading experience where you learn how to cut right through the maze of information, and focus in on what “really works in trading”. Those who have graduated this course, or Traders who just want to move right into more advanced training will experience a “Structured, Learnable and Repeatable training process within our Executive Mentorship Programs.




Traders at a course
Successful Trader


If you are a working Professional or Serious Student of the Market who wants to learn how to trade, We have proven course material for you to learn from. Timeless and transparent to learn what really matters.


  • You will learn how to trade E-Mini S&P 500 Futures using professional-level skills and strategies regardless of your experience and trading style.
  • You will also be taught risk mitigation trading strategies and how to increase profitability while maintaining acceptable known risk.
  • Our trading Course and Mentorship Programs are worth the investment to learn how to trade before investing thousands of dollars into your trading portfolio, only to lose it because you don’t have the knowledge, strategies, skills and experience behind you before you trade.
  • Our E-Mini trading strategies are proven in the market every day.  They were designed for you to become a better trader.
Professional Trader on Wall Street
Professional Traders


Sophisticated Retail or Institutional Traders need consistent profitability with minimal drawdowns. This means optimal trade selection, superior trade management in real time … with full redundancy.


  • Our retail and institutional trader training is based off of a 25-year proven trading methodology incorporating
  • Advanced Technical Analysis, that will trade on the Buy or Sell side of the Market only when specific criteria have been met
  • All traders in training are first taught to identify with the current state of the US Market whether short, long or market net neutral and assign a numbered level of strength  based on market conditions.
  • Forensic real time trade analysis and execution provide full redundancy for greater consistency / lower risk. Here you will learn how to “Find, Track and Trade” with the Smart Money like a true professional does.


Strict Risk Management


On The Right Side Of The Market

Profitable Trades

Fully Transparent Recorded In Real Time


Many can talk the talk, but few can walk the walk. Below we will show you we can do what we say. And if one video isn’t enough,    CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE!

Unlike our competitors, we are fully transparent and upfront about everything you will learn, from our experience to our capabilities including our prices and fees. We are committed to the serious person and continue to uphold a Higher Standard in Profitable Trading Education.

This trade example has a full run time of approximately 12 minutes, a model example of what the actions within the VTC represent on a daily basis. This video has purposefully not been edited to ensure completeness, transparency and honesty in demonstrating the actual end results. Unlike competitors who have successful trading videos, they are edited to demonstrate trading profits that are not valid. This video also serves to demonstrate the type of trade selection, execution, trade management and exiting that your team will be trained to duplicate. All others have been edited solely to cut down the run time.

Our methods are proprietary in nature and are held close to all VTC members. Therefore, we require full disclosure from interested parties, and operate on a signed agreement basis for any training above the S&P 500 E-Mini Futures Trading Course. We are committed to one client at a time, allowing both yourself and ourselves, to reach and sustain maximum proficiency and a higher level of real trading education.

Welcome To The VTC,  
Jeff Kilian – Founder

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