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Successful traders have an open mind, are  progressive in nature and operate in a constant state of betterment. They continually strive to increase profitability and are willing to take the necessary action to attain itThey actively seek proven continuing education to exceed the average result and because of it, they are the traders who continually make more money and stay at the top of their game. Multi million dollar income sports figures, top corporate CEO’s … and yes  the largest money making traders in the world today, have all been mentored at some point in their career.  

Unless a person is born with the intrinsic qualities of a superior trader, then he or she has no other choice to follow the majority who have landed at that level through trader mentoring. There is no substitute for working with someone who has a vested interest and assumes accountability for your profitability. By investing in yourself and learning what only a hand full of traders know, the time horizon to high proficiency gets greatly reduced and you clearly understand where you stand  every day and every second in your real time trading. The VTC believes in accountability, and view your training as a shared commitment at the highest level.

Jeff Kilian- Trader/Technical Analyst
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The VTC has a markedly different approach that empowers traders by training them to identify with supply and demand, who is in control and when and where you have any real business trading. When there are no real opportunities, you are equally trained to stay on the sideline. A true professional knows that risk mitigation is the key to longevity. It is not necessarily the biggest winning week or the largest winning trade. It is cutting losses immediately even when you have done everything right. The preservation of risk capital by incorporating strict risk management in your trading, will allow you to stay in the business month after month and year after year as a true professional does.


Our Methods are based off of a 25 year proven trading methodology incorporating Advanced Technical Analysis that will trade on the Buy or Sell side of the Market only when specific criteria has been met. All traders in training are first taught to identify with the current state of the US Market whether short, long or market net neutral and assign a numbered level of strength based on those market conditions. Then they move into real time “VTC Model Type” trade set up identification, focusing on execution and then managing the trade to predetermined price profit targets. This is critical trading intelligence, as it dictates the parameters of correct contract sizing according to real time trade set ups. The net result of combining a solid daily Market call and correct “VTC Model Type” trade selection means profitability for the seasoned retail or Institutional Trader. All of this when combined with delivering your training over in a fully transparent manner, leaves the VTC the clear choice for your education.



For some traders, there exists the understanding and acceptance that the right of passage to become one of the best traders in the world today, must be paid. He or she knows that only a chosen few are making the profits that all others aspire to. This makes perfect sense because the Smart Money Players are in the minority of the largest institutions that control price movement. To this trader, the fact that the Markets are manipulated is irrelevant. Therefore, the highly trained trader with the ability to know when and where these institutions are trading, will fade those moves, while keeping the risk level substantially lower due to the positional advantage of targeting only the “VTC Model Type” trades.

This Executive Mentorship Program is highly selective in nature, and therefore continues to produce some of the most proficient traders in the world as we know it today. The only real variable in it, becomes you.

You are the trader who must be dedicated beyond any stretch of the imagination, and prove that you are truly a candidate for this proven program. Investing in yourself at the highest level, becomes inconsequential when the trader realizes just how much capital may be lost by being ill prepared.

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