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  • This Trading Course was designed for you, the serious Trader or Professional who is looking for a real opportunity. Never has everyone been given equal access to the same information the largest Trading Institutions use to make huge profits, in one Professional Trading course.

  • You’re convinced that if you could finally get the right information you could become a true Professional Trader. 30 years ago, I went through the exact same thing. In this Trading Course you will follow a “Structured Learnable and Repeatable” training process that will prove itself every trading day.

  • Whether your trading end of day or in real time, it’s all about mastering how to trade in the same direction as the Smart Money. Knowing you have it right, provides a true “unfair advantage” that only a handful of traders will ever have.
The following testimonial was signed off by Larry Jacobs
Editor of Traders World Magazine.
                    “I recently spent 8 hours training one on one with Jeff Kilian. He is by far one of the top Technical Analysts in the world today and clearly showed me how a trader or investor must first become an Expert Market Timer in order to profitably trade stocks, ETF’s, mirror funds or futures in real time. Superior analytical and communicative skills combined with being a real-life professional trader, set him apart from all others. It was a real pleasure to work with him.”

Larry Jacobs – Trading Champion and Editor of Traders World Magazine

The Most Important Message of Your Career


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Structured Learnable Repeatable

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  • EOD or Real time, to become a Professional Trader you must first understand the critical nature of volume and how it drives future directional price movement.
  • No price can be put on knowing when and where the largest institutions are trading to get an unfair advantage on Market direction and your trade selections.
  • Case studies of Major Market turning points will be dissected so you learn how the price patterns as compared to volume, send clear “red alert” confirmations that the Market is now changing direction!
  • You will learn how to arrive at “Objective Conclusions” so that your decisions are based off of pure fact instead of an invalid opinions.
  • Learning how to correctly interpret volume as compared to prices, provide a Trader with a level of confidence and conviction that just cannot be overstated. The first component of a real life-style change and upping your game considerably, begins with Volume Analysis.

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  • In this Module you will learn how to interpret the essential indicators a true Professional follows every trading day.
  • A simple and straight forward approach breaks down how to systematically and objectively analyze the Market, so that the trader is sure he/ she knows whether the market is net neutral, short or long for the session. 
  • Next, we focus in on how to determine where the Smart Money is trading both short and long term, using the MFI and CMF Indicators. The trader knows with certainty when and where the injection of “short term” and “long term” has come and uses those confirmations to gain the wind at their back whether it’s the General market, individual stocks, real time futures or any instrument with enough liquidity.
  • Once and for all you understand the vital importance of following the correct flow of your analysis every single day. Knowing how the baton gets handed off from “short term money to long term money” is a developed skill that few trades will ever really understand.

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  • Once and for all the serious student of the Market learns the correct applications of trendlines. When established trendline violations take place they are the earlier warning that a possible turning point is taking place, or prices have broken out of channels and it’s time to trade long or short.
  • The VTC has successfully developed a “Trendline fanning Technique” that allows a Trader to update trendlines on a daily or real time basis with no mistakes made. This is a Proprietary Technique” previously only administered within the Executive Mentorship Programs.
  • Advancing on, we will provide real examples of how to construct trend lines within the Indicators themselves. That’s right, Indicators have internal levels where money flow from institutions have established support and resistance areas. Once violated it sends a clear signal that price movement is about to change in one direction or another. Remember it is not just the beginning of the trade. It’s how to manage the trade so you gain the most out of it.
  • In this Module you will learn how to make the relative comparison between the Indicator trendline violations, and where the prices have trendline violations at the same time. One chart with only one Indicator in the subgraph below with the proper interpretation is priceless.

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  • The right Chart Patterns are a key element for real time profitable trading. Where no two patterns are ever the same, they will still have to have a certain profile to qualify for End of Day or real time trade consideration. You take away what’s important and discard the rest.
  • Those selected patterns when accompanied by both the Money Flow Index and now the Chaikin Money Flow Indicator confirmations, will leave no doubt to take the trade when the moment arrives.
  • This is one of the most powerful aspects of this course, in showing the trader how to literally look through the prices and predict with a high degree of accuracy where the prices should be moving in the near-term future.
  • Your now well on your way in learning how to select the “True High Probability Trades”. Trading this way is real “Risk management” and the key to longevity in trading for a living. You’re learning that your greatest positional advantage is patience. Let the trade come to you.

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  • Our Divergence Analysis Conclusions from 02-24-2020 called the Major Market sell off ahead of time. This course literally walks you through that entire Market sell off. This Module begins with how to know when there is pent up buying or selling pressure “behind the Prices” that will soon decide future directional price movement. This is actionable trading intelligence that otherwise can take literally years to figure out on your own.
  • Remember we are referring to Objective Analysis vs. Subjective Analysis. Objective meaning, something that can be analyzed and confirmed as being the absolute truth, versus a grey area or an inconclusive finding.
  • A Negative Divergence is where you have prices trading up, but the Indicator levels are substantially down as compared to prices. Depending on the strength of that divergence, it sends another “Red Alert” that soon enough the prices should now move down. Vice versa for the prices trading down and bottoming out, where the Indicators levels at that time are much higher as compared to prices.
  • Now taking it to the next level and incorporating multiple Negative or Positive Divergences in multiple time frames? Well, now the probabilities just reached over 90% because you have officially mastered what only 3-5% of all traders have been trained to look for.
  • Not holding back on the matter of Divergence Analysis. In all my 30 years of trading, I know of no one who has taken it to this level.

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  • The VTC has officially established a “Smart Money Bias Market Trading Call” that puts a stamped out categoric numbered level strength on the current strength of the US Market every single trading day.  Is the Market Net Neutral? Is it now out of Net Neutral and short? Is it out of Net Neutral and now Long?  And, now that we are confirmed out of Net Neutral, are we short or long level 6, 7, 8 or 9?
  • Every trader must learn to assign a categorical “Level of Strength” on the Market, in order to “determine your position sizing”. Knowing how many shares or contracts to trade based on your account married up with the trade set up, is crucial to longevity. It is one thing to get into the business, and another to stay in it. Knowing how to mitigate open risk will be the insurance policy you will need to continue trading for years to come.
  • Finally, we will introduce the correct application of Fibonacci ratios, to identify clear cut support and resistance levels and high probability price profit target levels. We will again use the most recent Market major sell off as an example for this powerful technique. Most traders have some understanding of Fibonacci Ratios but are not aware of just how powerful and profitable they can be when they are associated with major market turning points.

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TRADE EXAMPLE:  $5,100 USD  training model

  • Now that you’re interested in Real Time Trading, it’s good to know that “everything” you have learn so far has direct application to trading in real time. The only initial changes are the “time frames” you will choose. Now knowing how to determine the current state of the US Market combined with arriving at a Smart Money Bias Trading call, we will now cross the bridge from your end of day analysis conclusions, into real time high probability trade selection.
  • Professional coverage on the intricacies of indicator interpretation as the prices move in real time. Minute by minute, prices can either move closer towards a valid entry or not, and it becomes your new task as a professional to adapt to the movement of those prices and determine exactly where you now stand in real time.
  • NO overnight risk. All trades have short hold times and are completely closed out before the Market closes. The current increased Market Volatility can increase open risk which can lead to decreased profitability. For example, the Market may open with a gap down and you have an open long trade, or vice versa.  Therefore, you could give considerable profits back. Be a professional with a clear mind!
  • Although no one could expect this 1-hour Module to teach everything a Trader needs to know to successfully trade in real time, it is by far the “best foundational material” available anywhere in the web. In fact, everything you have learned was taught by a documented 30-year Professional Trader who is in the Market almost every single day. If you have a serious desire to take your trading to the 5% level, then you may want to inquire into our Executive Mentorship Programs.

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  Jeff Kilian-Trader              Course administrator

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These Testimonials were were signed off by our clients.

Thankfully, for some, the market volatility has handsomely rewarded our efforts during the last several weeks. Jeffs energy is genuine and ability to convey information is nothing short of phenomenal. He's that rare individual whose knowledge is much more than book and theory smart, but is the result of been there done it and guess what, I am still here and doing it now. Amazing how after almost 12 years, the trading formula you taught me remains as the unwavering foundation for my success!

Jeff Lawrence     Independent Professional Trader     

This Program was straight forward and very comprehensive. Working directly with him allowed me finally understand just how a real professional makes money in this business. Inherent risk control by excellent initial stop placement, combined with well defined trade selection. From the set up to the trigger to the follow through in managing the trades in real time, nothing was left undone. Top notch professional from head to toe.

 Diane Harbal       Full Time Professional E-Mini Trader

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