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Jeff Killian Trader Trainer

Jeff Kilian (Founder / Technical Analyst)

Jeff Kilian is a true Trading Professional in every sense of the word. Superior analytical skills combined with a highly trained real time trading backround, mark him as one of the finest over all traders in the world today. His vision of duplicating himself has emerged as a Consortium of highly profitable traders who understand the Market inside and out, and operate under the pretense that risk mitigation is the main stay for longevity. In the business over 20 years, he understands the need for a much higher level of training, and exactly how to deliver over that information to the Institutional Trader in Training, and the independent Sophisticated Retail Trader. The combined experience and intellectual property within the VTC provides a clear educational choice for Institutional traders, and the high end independent trader.


Jeff Kilian ( Founder- The Vector Traders Consortium )


To learn more about Jeff Kilian, CLICK HERE to read an the exclusive interview conducted by Larry Jacobs Champion Trader and Editor of Traders World Magazine.

Alex Felix - Trader Trainer

Alex Felix (Technical Analyst / Administrator)

Alex Felix is an Administrator and Technical Analyst within the Vector Traders Consortium. He has been an active private trader for nearly 10 years trading both the Forex and Futures markets. Alex entered Jeff Kilian’s Executive Mentorship Program in September of 2014 with the intent of further developing his trading potential. Since then, he has worked closely with Jeff towards the realization of the Vector Traders Consortium in hopes of assisting other aspiring traders to reach their personal goals and trading potential. With a background in Computer Technology and Information Systems he brings a strong technical mind to the VTC team.


Alex Felix (Technical Analyst / Administrator)

Mark Sassella (Technical Analyst / Administrator)

Mark Sassella is currently an Administrator within the Vector Traders Consortium. Previously, Mark held engineering operations management positions in the oilfield industry with an international career spanning 27 years. Using his experience in analyzing engineering data and problems, he has found it an easy transition to applying this discipline to interpreting the markets.  Marks private trading experience prior to joining the Vector Traders Consortium was in options, equities and Forex. Mark entered the Executive Mentorship Program in March of 2015 studying directly under Jeff Kilian. He has been trading with the VTC on a fulltime basis since May of 2015. His long term goal is to help other traders realize their true potential utilizing the core VTC methodology.


Mark Sassella   (Technical Analyst / Administrator)

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